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Intro to Rhino CAD for beginners or advanced. Cover the basic tools to create 3 dimensional drawings for jewelry production + one of a kind pieces.  Students will have the choice to send out their design for printing. 

You will need to bring the following to class:

- Windows System Laptop (recommended) or Mac IOS.
- Mouse
- Rhino Software (free for 90 days) downloaded and ready to go
- Sketches or pictures of a design of a jewelry piece.  We recommend a simple band for beginners otherwise you will have to book more hours for a complicated design.  Please submit your design ideas at to get an estimate of how many hours you will need.


An email confirmation will be sent to you once you purchase your private lesson.

Instructor: Stephanie Cheng



A technique of applying powdered glass to metal and then torch or kiln firing it to it's melting point the enamel cools in brilliant colors to make an amazing decoration on your metalwork. The technique dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians who used it on pottery and jewelry.

Enamel on Copper (3 Hour Private) : Students will learn how to apply enamel on copper sheet.

Cloisonne Enamel (6 Hour Private) : Students will learn how to create a design with silver cloisonne wire on a silver disc and apply enamel to their one of a kind design.

We will email you confirm a date once your purchase your private lesson!

Instructor: Valerie Blum


Gold has always held a fascination for its beauty throughout history. Pure Gold is a bright yellow metal called 24 karat and made up only of itself. In this class students learn age old methods of alloying pure gold to make 22 karat, 18 and 14 karat gold in colors ranging from peachy reds and tangerine yellows to green gold. 

Once the alloying is completed students learn about the ductility of the metal, its properties and the different methods of working the material to produce a beautiful piece of handmade gold jewelry. 

Due to the high market costs of gold we invite students to recycle their old gold into new and exciting works. 

An email confirmation will be sent once you purchase your private lesson.

To confirm amount of gold available to be recycled and get a feel of what you wish to create with the material, please call/email before purchasing this private and schedule an appointment to review the pieces you'd like to have recycled.

*PLEASE NOTE: There is a chance old gold can be contaminated with too much solder or with unknown alloys and will not be able to be recycled.  We can not predict this and will not know until we have started the recycling process - if that is the case, we can offer to send your gold to a refinery and get bought gold at market price for you to complete the class on another day, or get a refund for the unused hours. 

251 Grand Street Brooklyn, New York, NY 11211• (718) 387-6200


Learn how to make matching rings with your significant other or best friend in this fun and informative private workshop ! We will go over sawing, annealing, soldering, texturing, and different finishes.  You will also have the option to personalize the inside of your band with a hand stamped message.  

If you want your bands to be casted in a material other than silver, it will have to be a 2 part class in which you will come back the following week after your silver model has been used to make a mold and casted in the material of your choice.  Extra time will be prorated.

All tools provided.  Student is responsible for materials at wholesale price.  Casting options: sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, red gold, champagne gold, green gold, grey gold, palladium, and platinum.



Planning a surprise birthday party, bachelorette, or just looking for a fun activity to do with your friends and/or family??

We offer private ring making parties where you will learn how to make stackable sterling silver rings in 2 hours!  You have the option of bringing in snacks, wine, and decorations.

Tools and materials included.

Up to a group of 6 - $500 

Group of 7 - $550

Group of 8 - $600

Please email us your date request.

251 Grand Street Brooklyn, New York, NY 11211• (718) 387-6200


In this intermediate level, students will cover more advance techniques such as surface treatments for instance reticulation; controlling the melting point and changing the alloy of the sterling silver to create a rugged beautiful surface of mountains and valleys in miniature. Braiding twists of wire creating an intricate feeling of decoration dating back to ancient Egyptian metalworking. As well as learning how to recycle silver creating less waste and making the most of your metal.

Hammer texturing, wire working and the use of different burs and drills all combined with the opportunity to set a faceted stone come together to make a unique ring.

This workshop focuses strongly on aspects of good design in conjunction with technique.

You will also need a stone for your project. The studio will have a selection of faceted, cabochon and picture stones for sale for the workshop with a wide price range but please feel free to bring your own selection of stones.  We recommend sticking to hard stones - 7 or higher on the MOH Scale.

We recommend going to these places for stones:

R Gems – 48 W 48 St. #210 NY, NY 11036

Dikra Gems – 56 W 45 St #1005 NY, NY 11036

*Hard stones: Emeralds, Amethysts, Tourmalines, Iolites, Garnets, Citrines, Spinels, Quartz, Topaz, Sapphires, Rubies, and Diamonds!

Tools and materials will be provided.

Instructor: Olivia Michaels


In Silversmithing Private students will learn at there own pace with the option to work on a specific project or a given project.  Basics of silversmithing will be covered with techniques such as sawing, soldering, annealing, hammering, filing, texturing, and finishing. 

We will email you confirm a date once your purchase your private lesson!

251 Grand Street Brooklyn, New York, NY 11211• (718) 387-6200



Learn how to pierce a design of your own onto a piece of silver in which you can make into a ring or pendant.  You will have various crush stones to choose from to inlay into your piece.  Techniques such as sawing, piercing, sweat soldering, stone inlay, and finishing will be covered.  

Tools + materials provided.

Instructor: Ivry Russillo 

251 Grand Street Brooklyn, New York, NY 11211
(718) 387-6200



Build on your metal skills by exploring the process of stone setting. Book a private workshop with Danielle Straub, and work one on one to figure out the many different ways to set stones in your jewelry.

We will email you to confirm a date once you purchase your private lesson!

Instructor: Danielle Straub


In this class students will be introduced to the basics of wax carving and be able to carve their very own design.  The versatile nature of wax will be explored through demonstration of carving, texturing, and finishing techniques. Completed projects will be professionally cast with explanation of process. Working in wax offers jewelers great possibilities for creating jewelry with a sculptural feel. This class is for those at beginners level. 

Note: This class is divided into 2 days (1 week apart). 

First day (3 hours) will consist of carving your ring.

Second day (2 hours) you will be cleaning your ring after it comes back from the casting company.

We provide tools and you are responsible for the materials which will be the wholesale price of silver, gold, platinum or whatever material you choose.

Please email us a picture or sketch of the ring you would like to make as well as your availability.

Instructor: Olivia Michaels


In this private workshop the teacher will help you either fabricate or carve your very own wedding band!  Both single and couple workshops available!

Recently mentioned in The New York Times!

All tools provided.  Student is responsible for materials at wholesale price.  Casting options: sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, red gold, champagne gold, green gold, grey gold, palladium, and platinum.

Silver Ring (4 Hour) : We will recycle and melt down silver into an ingot and proceed to roll out wire for your bands.  You will go through various techniques such as sawing, soldering, filing, sanding, and polishing.  

Gold Ring (6 Hour) : Please let us know what 2 days (1 week apart) you are available.  The first day consists of making a model in silver or wax (depending on the design) and the second day you will come in to clean your casting.  

Feel free to email us with questions beforehand at


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