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Jewelry Repairs

Bring your piece back to life with our in house jewelers.

Need something fixed?

Fill out a complimentary quote for your repair and talk with us about getting your piece back into shape.

Estimate Guides & Accepted Pieces

Please read below for general repair questions.

Please note these are not solidified and each repair pricing is based on the individual piece by piece basis.


Accepted Materials

Materials We Work With

Sterling Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Gold

We Do Not Repair

Watches, Costume Jewelry, any diamonds over 1ct purchased outside of our studio.


We are not responsible for any loose / damaged stones. We will review each piece with you to inform of any possible issues before repairing.

Ring Resizing

Sizing Down
Silver $50
Yellow Gold $70
Rose Gold $70
White Gold $120 
Platinum $150
Sizing Up Cost above plus additional material added cost.

General Pricing

Repairs General Pricing

Diamond & Sapphire Steaming


Polish + Steam


Deep Refinish




Patina / Antique


Flash Plating


Heavy Plating


Laser Repair Chain




Cast Cleaning


Silver Chains

$70 minimum

Rush Job

Extra $20

Finger / Ring Sizing



This is an estimate and pricing is solidified on a piece by piece basis, only after our team physically analyzes and determines the proper route to repair your piece(s).

Turn Around Time

Turn Around Time (Estimated)

Repairs: 10 Business Days

Quotes: 5 Business Days

Engraving: 5 Business Days


Due to COVID-19 and many business closures we work with daily, the time period is expected to be delayed. We will assess the realistic time period with you one on one.

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