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Custom Wedding & Engagement

A guideline to bringing your one of a kind perfect forever piece to life.

Start with an Idea

Visit our studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to go over our in house models of past creations as well as bringing all of your inspiration to the table to discuss the proper way of developing your piece.

What pieces inspire you? Any personal reflection you'd like to incorporate into the piece?


Computer Aided Design (CAD) Developed Ring Illustration

Solidify the Foundation

Go through sketches and illustrations to determine the overall design direction to begin bringing your piece to life. Decide the method ranging from wax carving, metal smithing, or computer aided technology is best to develop your piece. Decide which gemstones, materials, and finishes suits your vision with fun methods like viewing our Kimberly Processed stones in the studio.

What happens next

Revise + Perfect

Finalize the little details by looking at casted models of your piece to hands-on feel the how your ring will look.

lo and behold...

Finish with a Gem!

Engage in the Next Step

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