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Daily, 12pm-6pm


243 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

243 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Daily, 12pm-6pm

RA Metals

RA Metals

Named after the Egyptian sun god, Ra Metals is abstruse yet profound. For the enigmatic being and inadvertence to the masses. 

All pieces are hand made in small quantities with limited availability. We believe in having pieces that are unique and special, not mass made or commercially produced.  We use ethically sourced stones and recycled metals.

Waves Ring / 14k Gold


Waves Ring / Platinum


Soft Curve / Band


Gate Band / Baguette Diamond


Shiva Band / White Diamonds


Thread / Earrings

From $100

Horizon Band / Half Moon Diamond


Horizon Band / Black Baguette Diamond


U Band / Rosecut Diamond


Criss Cross / Ring

From $740

Aton / Lab Grown

From $174

Aton / Bi-Color Sapphire

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