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Daily, 12pm-6pm


243 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

243 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Daily, 12pm-6pm

Olivia Michaels Jewelry

Olivia Michaels Jewelry

Bringing nature into the modern world with sustainable fine jewelry handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York using ethically sourced materials.

Drawing inspiration from the miniature world around us. Pulling form and shape from small creatures and plants who have evolved survival mechanisms both practical and beautiful. Aiming to protect those who inspire us by crafting with recycled metals and stones, nothing new is taken from the natural world around us.

Triptych / Baguette Diamonds


Montana Sapphire / Ring


Cornice Ring / Pear Salt + Pepper Diamond


Ruins Ring / No.6


Ruins / Large Column


Edge Ring / Marquise Diamond


Ruins / Small Column


Ruins Ring / No.5


Worry Ring / No.3


Diptyque Ring


Ruins Pendant


Ruins Ring / No.4

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