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From the Mayans, Aztecs, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Hindus, and Africans, snake jewelry has symbolized a variety of important things for many civilizations.  For some royalty and power, others wisdom and protection, as well as rebirth, eternal love and on and on.   From ancient to modern civilization many will agree that snakes are one of the most beautiful and loved motifs in jewelry.

In this workshop, Michael Regan of Regan Jewelry and Little Kings Jewelry will demonstrate how to carve a snake out of wax.  Students will be responsible for casting and cleaning on their own time. This is a 4 hour workshop for intermediate and advance students dedicated to focus on the techniques of carving specifically snakes.

You must have a sketch ready for class - you may also bring in a picture or a jewelry piece.

Prerequisite: Intermediate/Advance level - You must have wax carving experience to take this workshop.  


  • Wax File 8
  • Dividers with replaceable tips
  • Economy needle file set cut 0
  • Small steel ruler
  • Jeweler's adjustable saw frame 5"
  • Cylinder single cut bur – 1.2mm & 2.3mm
  • Wax Pen, double battery (optional)


     Allcraft Jewelry Supply - 135 W 29th St #205, New York, NY 10001 

    (212) 279-7077

    (Closed on weekends)

    *Place an order before you go in to avoid long waits.  



    April 18, Saturday 12 - 4pm (cancelled)

    Instructor: Michael Regan



    Learn to make luminous backless enamels that look like tiny stained glass windows. Invented in Byzantine times and most famously practiced by Rene Lalique, the plique-a-jour technique is rarely taught today. In this class, we will learn the fundamentals of plique-a-jour on a pre-made piece.

    In this eight-hour workshop, you will learn how to create a false backing for plique-a-jour enamels, how to apply the enamel powder, and how to polish and finish your piece on both sides, as well as principles of design for this and other enamel techniques.

    Good quality 000 paintbrush
    220, 320, 400 and 600 wet/dry sand paper
    Stackpack or covered jars to hold enamels (1”-2” in Diameter)
    Joyce Chen Scissors
    Optional: We will provide a selection of enamel colors but if you would like to choose your own colors make sure to purchase Ninomiya brand



    Oct 17, Saturday 11-7pm


    Instructor: Valerie Blum




      Piercing and sawing to create designs in sheet metal is an essential skill in jewelry-making. In this class, we will learn how to transfer a pattern to brass or copper, drill openings in the metal, and saw out portions of the piece to make a lacy openwork design. We will also learn how to use the saw, files and sandpaper to clean up and finish our pieces. 

      This is an all-level class, open to anyone who wants to learn or practice sawing skills. Choose from an array of patterns appropriate to your level, or come with your own designs. 

      Tools and materials provided.


      -May 2, Saturday 12-6pm (cancelled)

      -Available as a private.

      Instructor: Valerie Blum



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