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Kin Choi

Kin Choi

Kin Choi’s philosophy is rooted in heritage and tradition with a modern twist. Comprised strictly of solid precious metals, the jewelry line’s foundation recalls the mysticism of alchemy by recognizing metals’ medicinal properties and also nodding to their possibilities. The designer works in heavy cast metal, shaping the untamable medium, strong silver or flowing gold with a life of its own, to forge sculptural jewelry pieces. The fluidity of these forms alludes to androgyny and identity, daring the wearer to find their own symbol or play with a few. These dynamic pieces, like armor adorned, have both the strength to protect you and hidden charm that empowers you.
Kin Choi is made in Brooklyn by Chinese and Welsh artist Choichun “Choi” Leung. Choi hand-carves every piece out of wax before production, casually slipping it on during the process to ensure each piece fits the body in numerous ways and organically. Precious metals, salvaged and repurposed trimming from casts, are recycled then recast into her design in Manhattan’s jewelry district. 
An investment and a wearable sculpture, each piece is as valuable as an heirloom and as bold as a statement piece. Collections feature rings, earrings, and cuffs.
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