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Forge & Foundry Jewels

Forge & Foundry Jewels

Forge & Foundry Jewels was established by Susan Mancuso, a result of her own search for jewels that had special meaning to her, crafted to high standards, using beautiful materials.

Susan began Forge & Foundry after seeing a museum exhibition of jewelry. The workmanship,  design and aesthetics of these pieces, some dating back to 10,000 years, rivaled much of the jewelry produced today. The beauty created by those early peoples inspired her to study jewelry design and  fabrication.

Susan has studied at the Jewelry Arts Institute and the studio of renown jeweler Cecilia Bauer, both of these schools devoted to classical jewelry techniques. She has also studied with Gavin Fisher, master jeweler, at Fitzgerald Jewelers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
While Susan's grounding is in ancient jewelry techniques, she enjoys working in many styles while ensuring that her pieces reflect their hand-crafted origins.
In establishing Forge & Foundry, Susan's goal is to make beautiful fine jewelry that her clients will love to adorn themselves with, using high quality, ethically-sourced materials.  She wants her clients to experience the special meaning that is imparted from wearing a specially designed and crafted object made from precious materials.  She enjoys the collaboration of working with clients who choose to design their own pieces of jewelry.
Susan designs her pieces to be beautiful,  but she also believes that jewelry should be wearable, comfortable and durable.  And it is these qualities she brings to Forge & Foundry.

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