Wax 1
Working in wax offers jewelers great possibilities for creating jewelry with a sculptural feel. Learn to carve wax using files and burrs, apply heat for building up wax model or repairing mistakes and finishing techniques to obtain a clean casting. Completed projects will be professionally cast with explanation of process. Beginner. Course Fee $460

2.9.15 to 3.16.15 Mondays 6-9pm
3.25.15 to 4.29.15 Wednesdays 6-9pm
6.22.15 to 7.27.15 Mondays 6-9pm
8.19.15 to 9.23.15 Wednesdays 6-9pm
11.4.15 to 12.9.15 Wednesdays 6-9pm

Wax II
Wax II offers instruction on one of the most requested class projects which is carving a ring that includes a bezel. Focus will be placed on planning the design as well as setting the stone. The tools used in this class will be the same as for Wax I. This course is offerred once a year. Intermediate. Course Fee $440

5.6.15 to 6.10.15 Wednesdays 6-9pm
9.21.15 to 10.26.15 Mondays 6-9pm

251 Grand Street Brooklyn, New York, NY 11211 • (718) 387-6200