Gold Alloying and Fabrication

Gold has always held a fascination for its beauty throughout history. Pure Gold is a bright yellow metal called 24 karat and made up only of itself. In this class students learn age old methods of alloying pure gold to make 22 karat, 18 and 14 karat gold in colors ranging from peachy reds and tangerine yellows to green gold. Once the alloying is completed students learn about the ductility of the metal, its properties and the different methods of working the material to produce a beautiful piece of handmade gold jewelry.

Due to the high market costs of Gold we invite students to recycle their old gold into new and exciting works. This class is six weeks long and is taught by Katrina Lapenne a professional goldsmith with Reinstein Ross. 10 pennyweights of pure gold can be purchased for the class but it is up to the individual student as to the amount purchased, recycled gold can also be added to the pure alloy.

note this class can be taken as gold 1 and 2 if booking the class for two sessions you will receive a 15% discount.

Course Fee $440

3.19.15 - 4.23.15 Thursdays 6-9pm

251 Grand Street Brooklyn, New York, NY 11211• (718) 387-6200