This Class will cover many aspects of enameling using a torch and enamel kiln. Techniques covered in the class will include sifting, wet working inlay, stenciling and scrafito. Experimentation with all the methods will be encouraged and students will be able to produce at least one finished piece of jewelry. In depth and advanced techniques will be demonstrated as the course progresses allowing students to familiarize themselves with advanced enameling including cloisonné, depletion gilding, basse taille and champlevé. Some basic metal working skills will be helpful. Students are encouraged to bring with them any copper or silver pierced work designs or silver casting which they might like to try enameling on.

Course Fee $460

9.24.15 to 10.29.15 Thursdays 6-9pm

251 Grand Street Brooklyn, New York, NY 11211 • (718) 387-6200